Driving through road construction zones can be a very frustrating experience. Speeds are often considerably reduced and lanes are typically closed, which can cause lengthy delays. Motorists are left looking for alternative routes to bypass the construction or to find the quickest way through.

While trying to find the fastest way through the work zone may seem like a good solution, it may not be the safest approach to take. A lot of cars, equipment, and people are gathered in a relatively small space, which adds even more danger if something goes wrong. It is imperative that drivers keep safety in mind to prevent injuries when driving through a construction zone.

Drive the Speed Limit

Driving the posted speed limit in work zones is very simple and one of the most valuable construction zone driving safety tips that experts suggest. Lower speed limits are often posted to help protect workers from being hit. Drivers traveling at slower speeds are able to stop quicker if needed. This helps motorists avoid accidents that may involve other vehicles as well.

construction zone driving

Stay Calm and Give Room

Even though it may be easy to lose your temper in traffic, it is absolutely critical to remain calm. Strong emotions may lead to irrational decisions and poor driving. Be sure to keep a clear head and give room to other drivers. While the advantages of driving with courtesy may not be readily apparent, this could prevent a collision or a confrontation in the future that would only add stress to your life.

Resist Passing on the Shoulder

The shoulder of the road may be empty, but that does not mean that you should use it to pass other vehicles. Passing on the shoulder is dangerous for everyone involved, as cars are not expected to be on that surface. Use patience by staying in your lane and accepting that it will take additional time to travel to your destination.

Merge Quickly

If you see a road sign that instructs you to merge, do so as quickly as possible. Staying in a lane that will eventually close will cause extreme traffic bottlenecks. You may also find yourself out of road quickly if you do not adhere to the posted instructions in a timely manner.

Don’t Drive with Distractions

Follow normal best driving practices and refrain from driving distracted. Even though speeds might be low, it does not mean that it is safe to use a cell phone or begin eating. Construction zones are notoriously unpredictable compared to regular roads. Events can happen quickly, so your full attention is needed at all times.

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