Shopping for a car doesn't have to be a frustrating ordeal. If you apply with Auto Credit Express for your financing, we'll do the hard work for you, meaning that we will match you with the dealer in your area that can best work with your unique credit situation. And you will know how much you can spend before you start looking at vehicles, so you won't be wasting any time.

And there are a few things that you can do in advance of meeting with your dealer that will make the process go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

A Little Preparation Can Lead to Easy Car Buying

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Even though we measure our success by how well we're able to stack the loan approval odds in your favor and help you get the best auto deal possible, there are strategies that you can implement on your end as well.

  • Have a look at your credit report(s). Even though you may have an idea as to what shape your credit is currently in, it's best to know for sure before committing to a big purchase. Many people who think that their credit is incredibly poor are surprised to learn it isn't nearly as bad as they imagined. Examining your credit history also gives you the opportunity to find and correct any errors that might be present. Make sure that you get the best interest rate possible by taking advantage of your right to receive a copy of your credit report from each of the three main bureaus every 12 months.
  • Get your documents in order. In order to find out how much you can be approved for, your dealer will need certain information from you. This includes proof of income (pay stubs and/or tax records), proof of residency (a current utility bill) and a valid driver's license. Have these items organized and ready to go.
  • If possible, get a down payment together. Having money to put down on your car purchase will increase your chances for approval, slow down your accruement of negative equity, and possibly earn you a better interest rate. Spending a little cash now may save you many dollars down the road.
  • Shine up your trade-in. If there is value in your current vehicle, that value can go towards your down payment total. And you can maximize your trade-in credit by making sure that your old car is optimal condition. So, take the time to give it a good wash, clean the interior and fix any small problems that may be present.
  • Research your vehicle options. Do a little online investigating in order to get an idea of what kind of car will best serve your daily needs. Be realistic and think in terms of affordability, safety and fuel efficiency. Just keep an open mind about the particular make and model until you know exactly how much you will be approved for.

Getting Started

Auto Credit Express is standing by to connect you with the perfect dealer. And remember that you can be approved no matter what your credit looks like.

Just fill out our fast and secure online application and you will be on your way.