Drive-Thru Etiquette

Popular at most fast food establishments, a drive-thru makes it quick and easy to pick up some food when you don't have time to stay and eat. But there are a few general rules that everyone should know and follow.

Typically if we choose the drive through, we're in a rush. So it's a total pain when the person in front of you is taking their sweet time for whatever reason. If you've never experienced this, then it may be possible that you are the one breaking the 'rules'.

The Code of the Drive-Thru

Drive-Thru Etiquette

At Auto Credit Express we aim to make your buying experience to seem as quick as going through a drive thru. That's why we can understand that some of these rules can be effective beyond your favorite burger joint. While they are mostly aimed to help for a smooth process, they're also common courtesy.

  1. Get off the phone
    By time you get up to the menu and order speaker, your phone should be put down. At the very least, ask the person you're speaking with to hold on for the few moments it takes to place your order and pay.
  2. Turn down the radio
    It can be difficult enough to hear you as it is, eliminate background noise that is just going to drown you out and could cause you to get the wrong order.
  3. Turn off wipers and headlights
    Other drivers and the cashier will appreciate this. The drivers and cashier won't want to be blinded. And I'm pretty sure the cashier won't appreciate the shower that the wiper blades will make.
  4. Know your order
    Again, drive-thrus are meant to be quick. If you've never been to that particular restaurant or simply don't know what you want quickly; save everyone behind you some frustration and go inside.
  5. Give the cashier time to enter your order
    There's a lot going on inside the restaurant that the cashier is doing while taking your order. Wait for their signal that they're ready for the next item in your order. Otherwise you may end up having to repeat yourself several times.
  6. Have your cup holders freed up
    To keep the line from backing up and also to keep your car clean, make sure you have your cup holders free. Keep a trash bag in the car for any throw-away cups.
  7. Have your payment ready
    Don't wait until you get up to the window to get your cash or card out. Have it ready to go for the cashier by time you get to the window and your order will be completed a lot quicker.

The Fast Life

Today's society is all about getting things fast, and the fast food industry is a prime example of that. The quicker we can get the things we need, the quicker we can move on to the things that are most important to us. That theory can be applied to everything from food to auto loans. After all, it only takes 3 minutes for you to be pre-approved for a quality vehicle in your local area. Then you can practice the drive-thru code at your favorite fast food joint.