Driving in the snow — it's something that we all hate, but most of us can't avoid it. Wintry weather can make it difficult to get from point A to point B, but if you follow some of our safe driving tips you shouldn't have any problem!

Driving in the Winter Isn't as Luxurious As Driving in the Summer

Thanksgiving is over which means Christmas is a mere 25 days away and if the snow hasn't hit your hometown yet, it will soon! When you take the wheel of your vehicle in snowy road conditions, it's not easy to keep the car in control. Snow, ice, and wind can make your tires do funny things, and it can turn out to be a very dangerous situation.

Auto Credit Express wants to remind motorists to take caution when you're driving, and learn to be a safe driver. Not only should you monitor your own driving habits, but you should also be watching all of the other drivers on the road as well. Remembering that not everyone in a vehicle has learned safe driving tips will do you good, and this is when your defensive driving skills should come into play. Before you hit the road for all of your family gatherings this Holiday, read the following driving tips to make it to your point of interest safely.

Driving Tips to Keep in Mind at All Times in All Weather

Driving safely is not something that should be limited for only the winter months, instead you should be practicing these driving tips all year round, and some of these tips don't even include your driving, but more so your car.

  • Never drive when you're tired. You won't be alert and you pose a high risk of falling asleep at the wheel and swerving into on-coming traffic or off the road.
  • Always keep your eyes on the road. This seems like common sense, but according to AAA most of the accidents that happen on the road are because the driver looks away for less than 5 seconds.
  • Keep cell phones put away. Distracted driving is the leading cause of car crashes in the United States, so while you should have it on you – and fully charged – you should not be on it while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Use your seat belt. Always follow this rule because not only can you get a ticket now if you don't wear it, but you can also severely injure yourself.

These are all things you should have learned in driver's training, but many times drivers don't put them to use.

What to Keep in Mind when Winter Hits

The snow is we get during the winter months is beautiful and it means that the Holidays are here and so is the time to spend with your loved ones, but it also means dangerous and slippery roads. This winter, vow to keep you and your family safe by following these simple, yet important, winter driving tips.

  • When you are warming up your vehicle, always open the garage. The fumes from the car can cause serious injury and even death.
  • Don't let your gas gauge get under a half of a tank – this is when you take the risk of your gas lines freezing.
  • Don't use cruise control or over drive if the roadways are slick.
  • Accelerate and decelerate slowly. This is the number one way to regain and maintain traction with your tires.
  • Remember, it's going to take you some extra time to get where you're trying to go. Don't be in a hurry.
  • Lengthen your following distance to 6-9 seconds as necessary.
  • Don't stop while you're travelling uphill. Get some extra oomph on flat ground before you get to the hill, and unless it's necessary to stop – don't. It can actually do more harm than good if you do.
  • Stay home. If you don't need to go out on the road, then don't. You can't be involved in a car accident if you aren't in a car.

We never want to think that anything bad will ever happen to us, but if we aren't careful there is definitely a possibility of this. Help avoid car accidents, by staying alert, stay back from other vehicles, and only stopping when necessary. Help prevent bad things like car accidents from happening by: staying alert, keeping safe distances from other vehicles, and only stopping when necessary.

If you're Taking a Long Road Trip…

Nearly every American travels somewhere for the holidays, and some of us travel really far. Here are some extra tips for those that are in for a long, snowy, and icy road trip:

  • Watch the weather reports before you leave.  No matter where you live the news channels will give you at least a five-day forecast. You should be able to plan your trip accordingly to avoid any potential blizzards.
  • Pack an emergency trip kit for just-in-case situations. It should include blankets, an extra cellphone (or battery), hats, non-perishable foods, water, any medication you may need, Band-Aids, and flashlights.
  • Get any routine maintenance checks done before you take off.
  • If your vehicle breaks down – stay in your car. Use your cellphone to call for help. Don't try to walk to shelter because you will be harder to find when rescuers do come.

As We See It

You should never be scared to get behind the wheel of your vehicle – especially in winter – because then you are more apt to make even more mistakes. However, you should be very aware and cautious while driving in any condition. Hopefully the above tips will help you become a safer driver in wintry road conditions so that you can get to your family holiday event without an issue.

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