Ever wonder about those advertisements for no credit check car loans? Before you click on the link, you may want to consider a smarter alternative.

The easiest way isn't always the best way

At Auto Credit Express, there's no question that we're biased. Our attitude is that there is certainly a place for easy credit auto sales, but most people with bad credit should check out a bad credit auto loan first. We feel this way, because for the last twenty years we have been working with bad credit customers to help them reestablish their car credit.

After seeing the embarrassment and hassles that customers with bad credit often face, we even created a web site that educates consumers and includes a bad credit auto loan application. We then match these applicants with dealers that specialize in customer credit issues.

The alternative for most bad credit buyers means financing a vehicle from a dealer that offers easy credit auto sales and tote the note financing, not a good option since these dealers don't report loans and payments to the credit bureaus. In addition, a high percentage of these loans result in repossession.


Many people with bad credit automatically assume that they can't get a car loan from anyone other than a dealer that offers easy credit auto sales – especially if a lender gets a look at their credit report. In many cases, this just isn't true. Secondly, any loan not based on a credit check will certainly not improve your credit score – something that's very important if you want to reestablish your car credit.

So if you do have bad credit, what should you do?

Apply online

At Auto Credit Express, we specialize in placing customers with bad credit with dealers that can help them. Our affiliate dealers are knowledgeable and work with a broad spectrum of lenders to ensure you have your best chance at getting approved for a car loan.

So if you are serious about getting your car credit back on track, you can begin by filling out our bad credit car loan application now.