Consumers with less than perfect credit looking for an easier way to qualify for an auto loan should check out the issues covered in a TweetChat between and FICO
What we know

Car buyers with bad credit that are interested in easy qualify car loans should probably attempt to raise their credit scores before applying – which is something that requires a basic understanding of how the FICO scoring system actually works.

Here at Auto Credit Express we know this is true because we've spent more than two decades helping car buyers with damaged credit find just the right new car dealers that can give them their best opportunities for auto loan approvals.

We also believe that one of the best explanations of credit scoring would certainly come from the people at FICO – the company that created what is currently the most widely-used credit score.

About a year and a half ago they conducted a joint "TweetChat" with We thought this discussion would be so worthwhile for credit-challenged consumers that we decided to list a few of those questions and answers here:

TweetChat Q and A

Does my credit score determine whether I get credit?

Your score will likely play a big part in that decision, but lenders won't all view your score the same way. That's because lenders have different tolerances for risk. Some lenders will require a higher score than others do for the same basic credit product. Also, lenders often will consider other information in addition to your score as they make their decision. This can include information from your credit application (such as income, length of time on your job, own vs. rent), any prior credit experience you have had with that lender, and the value of the property (auto or real estate) you want to buy.

What can I do to significantly improve my credit score in the next couple of days?

There are no quick fixes when it comes to improving your credit standing. Getting a good FICO® Score is the result of maintaining responsible credit habits over time. The most import of these habits are:

• Pay your bills on time
• Keep any credit card balances low
• Apply for new credit only when necessary

You also should check your credit reports for accuracy. You can get your reports for free once each year from

Does checking my own credit report or credit score hurt my FICO Score?

No. When you check your own FICO Score or credit report, the resulting inquiry on your credit report is ignored by the FICO scoring formula and will never hurt your FICO Score.

Are the FICO Scores sold to consumers by an approximation of the score lenders see?

FICO Scores sold by are precisely the same scores used in credit decisions by thousands of U.S. lenders and other businesses, large and small. Other websites may sell scores that imitate the FICO Score in look and feel, but they use different formulas, have different score ranges, and may mislead people into taking inappropriate actions with their credit. Genuine FICO Scores are always clearly labeled as such.

As we see it

Understanding the credit scoring process is especially important for car buyers with damaged credit that are interested in easy qualify car loans and therefore need to start the credit repair process before applying for a loan.

Another important thing to keep in mind is Auto Credit Express specializes in helping applicants with bruised credit find those dealers that can give them their best chances for approved auto loans.

So if you're ready to reestablish your car credit, you can begin now by filling out our online auto loans application.