Many consumers are now using multiple electronic devices on a regular basis. With this increase in technology use, car manufacturers have changed the way that vehicles are being designed. This, in turn, has caused privacy concerns for drivers when they connect their mobile devices to their vehicle's infotainment systems.

Car Interior Changes

Ford Car Technology Smartphones

Data from the Pew Research Center shows that smartphone and tablet ownership for adults has increased significantly since 2011. Auto manufacturers, including Ford, have recognized this trend and are changing the way that they develop car interiors.

Ford has opted to design car interiors with more storage and connectivity than ever before. For example, the center console in the latest Fusion features 59% more storage space than in earlier models. This includes easy-to-reach bins, a phone pocket, and an area for coins. In addition, there's also a USB port in the front console and a narrow storage slot designed specifically for mobile phones.

Automakers are also designing car interiors to be more open, allowing drivers and passengers to use electronic devices without worrying about tangled or snagged cords. Consumers may also notice repositioned shifters, cup holders, and driver-assist controls that make these changes possible.

Privacy Concerns

Although motorists have embraced technology, many are concerned about privacy when connecting their mobile devices to vehicle infotainment systems. A recent report from Strategy Analytics, Inc. shows that the majority of consumers in the United States, Europe, and China want to connect smartphones to their car systems, but don't want personal information collected and used.

Specifically, consumers are concerned about stored data in their car’s infotainment system being used without their permission. However, experts in the industry note that consumers do have the ability to clear any personal data from their vehicles. Additionally, experts state that consumers would be less concerned about their privacy if they knew what information was being collected and how it was being used.

The Future

While it isn't clear what cars will look like decades from now, we can expect that they will evolve with future technology. With consumer habits changing the way car interiors are being designed, it is very likely that this trend will continue as technology evolves.

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