We comb the list of The 10 Best Family Cars of 2016 from Parents Magazine and Edmunds.com and come up with three that could very well work for families with problem credit.

New Cars and Families with Bad Credit

Borrowers with credit problems often find the going difficult when it comes to financing a family vehicle – especially if they want, and are approved for, a new car.

That's why we believe these buyers will find the latest "Best" vehicle list from Parents Magazine and Edmunds.com seems so useful – as long as they look at one that's within their budgets.

"When it comes to a family car, there are usually a lot of boxes to check. And we know that it can be daunting for busy parents to research hundreds of vehicles to find the one that's the perfect mix of economy, convenience and features," says Edmunds' lead consumer advice editor, Carroll Lachnit. "We're happy to have counted the cupholders and spotted the cars that have that little bit of je ne sais quoi so that parents can buy a car with confidence and even have a little fun while they're doing it."

The phrase "je ne sais quoi" means "a pleasant quality that's hard to describe."

This year's list is comprised of 10 of those vehicles covering three compact sedans/hatchbacks, one small station wagon, one mid-size sedan, two compact crossovers, two mid-size crossovers and one minivan.

Many of the family cars on the list are too expensive for credit-challenged buyers when subprime interest rates are factored in. Fortunately, three of them start at under $19,000

Soul Kia Best Budget Vehicle
2016 Kia Soul ($15,800)
Mazda3 Mazda Best Hatchback

2016 Mazda Mazda3 ($18,545)

Civic Honda Best Small Sedan

2016 Honda Civic ($18,640)

The Bottom Line

All three of these vehicles not only represent a good value but also have a starting MSRP of under $19,000 – a fact of particular importance to borrowers with bad credit.

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