There is a better way to locate a dealer in your area that offers auto loans for bad credit.
Making choices

If you're reading this, you may be one of a growing number of consumers who find themselves in the position of having to finance their next car with a bad credit auto loan. If you are, you should know that people with bad credit can be particularly vulnerable to internet car financing scams. That's why web sites such as ours at only work with experienced dealers that are signed up with a broad spectrum of lenders and specialize in car loans with bad credit. For the past 20 years we have been working with credit-challenged consumers and we've helped people just like you improve their credit scores and reestablish their car credit by filling out our online bad credit car loan application and financing a vehicle with a second chance auto loan through their affiliate dealers.

Our web site also tries to provide you with the information needed in order to make the right choice about the kind of loan you should be looking at (such as a bad credit car loan versus a buy here pay here loan). The reasoning behind this is simple: a bad decision at this time could result in a loan you can't afford which could turn into in a repossession that could lower your credit scores even further.

Spinning your wheels

Because we have a customer service department and a toll-free phone number listed on our web site, here at Auto Credit Express we hear many of the same stories every day. Potential applicants call to tell us that they wasted hours and sometimes days in an ever more frustrating attempt to find a dealer that could get them financed. In most cases, they learn that finding the right dealer if they need a bad credit car loan is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Here are some of the tips we've learned in the last twenty years about bad credit auto loan dealers:

You need to find a franchised dealer

You will get a better deal at a franchised car dealer than at a neighborhood “Tote the Note, We Finance Everyone” car lot. If you're looking for a new car, this is where you'll have to go, since only a franchised dealer can legally sell you a new car.

Most franchised dealers also have a wider selection of used cars, which is especially important if you hope to finance one with for auto loans for bad credit. Since new car dealers are usually larger than the average neighborhood used-car-only lots, they get trade-ins on both the new and used cars they sell. New car dealers also get more of these trade-ins than smaller lots. And while used car lots can get their inventory from the auctions, just like the franchised dealers, the new car dealer can also take advantage of lease turn-ins and manufacturer-only auctions that are not available to smaller used-only lots.

The bigger the better

Given the choice between a small dealer and a larger dealer, you should pick the biggest one. Although there are many reasons for this, here are two: Even though both small and large dealers pay the same for their vehicles, larger dealers have a higher sales volume. Vehicles tend to turn over at a faster rate on these lots, ensuring a newer inventory. Bigger dealers also have larger inventories of vehicles. This means, as a bad credit auto loan customer, that you'll have a larger selection of vehicles to choose from that meet your budget and payment requirements.

The second and even better reason to go to a larger dealer is financing. Since larger dealers send more business to their lender partners, they are usually able to offer a wider range of financing to their customers, especially if they have a special finance department. By sending their bad credit lenders more customers, these dealers usually have more negotiating “leverage” with these lending sources.

Locating the right dealer

You can look through the newspapers and the yellow pages. You can even drive around to every dealer in your area hoping to find one where you ca get financed. Unfortunately, this takes time. The fact is that there are over 30 lenders that currently offer bad credit car loans. Many of these lenders are smaller local and regional banks, while some lend to customers in all 50 states. Their lending requirements are all different and most of them do not do direct lending (meaning that you can't fill out an application with them directly). In order to arrange financing with one of these “indirect” lenders, you have to go to a car dealer that has “signed up” with them. But how do you find that dealer?

Our applicants have found that the easiest way to locate a qualified dealer in their area is to go to a web site that can place your application with a dealer that has a finance department that specializes in bad credit auto loans such as ours at

The bottom line

If you have bad credit, you can waste a lot of time and possibly even risk embarrassment by driving around town looking for a dealer that can help get you financed for a new car.

At Auto Credit Express, on the other hand, we have helped literally thousands of people like you with bad, blemished, bruised and tarnished credit buy cars and reestablish their credit at the same time. Our national network of affiliate dealers specializes in bad credit car loans and will able to place you with the best bank for your credit situation.

So if you are serious about getting your credit back on track, why not begin a new chapter in your life by filling out our bad credit car loan application now.