When you are going through troubled times, stress can only be compounded further by a situation where you need a new vehicle fast. Where are you going to find a car to get to work, run those essential errands or get the kids off to school?

Times like these can make you feel helpless and wondering if your situation will ever change. The team at Auto Credit Express is here to tell you that you are not alone, and you definitely aren't helpless.

What dealerships deal with bad credit?

Finding a Used Car when you have Bad Credit

The truth is, dealers who will provide assistance to those in a challenging financial situation are few -- at least the ones that will treat you fairly. If you go into a regular dealership, you are likely to be presented with a higher interest rate and a request from the lender for a hefty down payment; if you're approved at all.

Or if you visit just any dealer on a vacant lot and a trailer for an office, your chances of them not trying to rake you over the coals with high interest rates are equally slim. Or if their rates are to good to be true, you may find yourself buying a hot item, a car that's been titled washed, or a car that last only long enough for them to pack up and move shop before you can return for a refund.

However when you work with us, we will use our vast dealer network of car dealers that work with bad credit to give you the best lending options. After you have filled out the quick and easy application, be sure to have the following things with you when you meet with the dealer:

  • Valid driver's license
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of steady employment
  • Possibly a small down payment of $500

What kind of cars will I find?

Once you have met with the dealer and solidified the loan details, you can start looking at a new car, truck or SUV. It is possible that you will have to look at used vehicles when you search for your next ride, due to your credit standing.

This is not a bad thing; pre-owned vehicles that are only a couple years behind the current models can save you lots of money, while still providing many of the current safety standards and features.

Take the first step towards getting back on the road by filling out the application. Next, one of our professionals will contact you with more details and set up a meeting with you and the dealership that is best suited to help you in your area.

All is not lost. You have options. Auto Credit Express is here to give you those options and get you back on track. Don't hesitate, and apply today!