Enhancements made to the certified used car program at Ford dealers will likely also help buyers with less than perfect credit
Ford Upgrades Certified Used Car Program
Improving certified used car programs

Although it doesn't go as far as the recent enhancements that have been made to programs from both Chrysler and Volkswagen, recent changes to Ford's certified used car program mean that even consumers with questionable credit can shop with greater confidence.

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Used cars

In most cases the loans made to car buyers with poor credit will be used to finance used cars – if for no other reason than pre-owned vehicles are more affordable than their new counterparts. Not only are used cars more affordable, but due to improvements in both engineering and production they're also more reliable than ever.

To encourage used car sales, in recent years car manufacturers have created an entirely new category of used cars that falls between the traditional used car market and that of new cars.

Certified used cars

Officially known as certified pre owned, or CPO for short, most certified used car programs work like this: If a vehicle meets certain age and mileage requirements, it can then inspected by the dealer. Following the inspection and the required replacement of specific worn, broken or defective parts, the dealers can then sell it with a manufacturer-backed used car service contract (sometimes erroneously referred to as an "extended warranty").

With these service contracts, dealers are able to sell their certified used cars at a premium over traditional non-certified used cars (and, it should be pointed out, they usually have to because of the added costs involved in the inspection, replacement of parts, and additional warranty coverage).

What is and is not covered by the service contract varies widely depending on the manufacturer. Not long ago, Ford Motor Company had some news that involved changes to their CPO program.

Ford certified used cars

Earlier last year, Ford made some improvements to its certified used car program. As it stands now, all Ford Motor Company vehicles now come with 12-month/12,000-mile comprehensive limited warranty coverage (compared to the previous program's three-month/3,000-mile warranty coverage). The powertrain warranty has also been enhanced from the previous version's six-year/100,000-mile coverage to seven-year/100,000-mile limited warranty coverage.

CPO buyers also receive seven years of roadside assistance as well as a free three month trial subscription to Sirius Satellite Radio on those vehicles equipped for the service.

Improvements have also been made to inspection procedures. The inspection process now covers such systems as MyFord Touch and the company's adaptive cruise control technology.

"A robust CPO program keeps more vehicles in the dealer network. It improves residual values, enhances dealer profitability, brings more customers to Ford and Lincoln lots, and ultimately results in lower vehicle costs for consumers," according to John Felice, general manager, Ford and Lincoln Sales. "As sales of our new products continue to grow, so will the demand for high-quality, low-mileage pre-owned Ford and Lincoln vehicles. That's why we work very closely with our dealers to invest in our CPO program and make it even more competitive."

The Bottom Line

By raising both the time and the mileage limits, Ford has given buyers, even those who have experienced credit problems, even more peace of mind when if they choose to finance one of their certified used cars – something that is always a good thing.

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