Do you have some noticeable scars present in your financial history? Is it maybe even a little disfigured in places? If your credit report looks like a patchwork of ups and downs, highs and lows, it may be difficult for you to qualify for a traditional loan. However, we here at Auto Credit Express aren't afraid of monsters, even Credit Monsters.

Frankencredit? Not a Monster, Just Misunderstood

Need Car Now!

Bad credit can keep you from a lot of things, but it doesn't stop you from needing reliable transportation. Most people in the modern world need a vehicle that they can trust for work, school or just everyday errands.

Having a car means not having geographical restriction and NOT having to be ride-needing nuisance to family and friends. And, chances are, you're going to need access to that car, truck or SUV sooner as opposed to later.

Fire, Bad!

We know that you've probably been "burned" before. Maybe you've been turned down by lenders in the past and you're hesitant to even try to get financed again. We know that has to be super frustrating. But, before you start to feel like destroying a small village, let us help. We can work with all types of credit, even yours.

We're different because we can connect you with lenders and dealerships who work with bad credit. These lenders won't base their approval decision purely on your credit score, but will take other factors, such as your current income, into consideration.

Frankencredit? Not a Monster, Just Misunderstood

Taming the Creature

Once you've been approved for a reasonable bad credit auto loan, you can finally get into the safe and reliable vehicle that you need. Then, with prompt, regular payments, you'll steadily re-shape your credit history into something completely non-monstrous. Eventually, you won't have any bolts sticking out of odd places (derogatory remarks) or any stitched in pieces that don't seem to fit (charge-offs, late payments, etc.). That's right. No more Frankencredit.

Apply Today

You can start to earn the kind of credit that you want today. Just fill out our easy, quick and totally secure online application. Here at Auto Credit Express, we have just one thing to say about your credit: "It's alive! It's aliiiiiive!"