The subprime credit crunch has caused many lenders to cut back on the number of loans they are making to consumers. Now, more than ever, it's important that you locate the right dealer for your bad credit car loan.

If you go to just any dealer you could be spinning your wheels

Here at Auto Credit Express, we experience it every day. Many of our customers call to tell us that they wasted hours, sometimes days, in an increasingly frustrating attempt to get a free car loan quote and find a dealer that could get them financed. Sometimes finding a bad credit car dealer that knows what they're doing is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Tote the note dealers are not the answer

“Buy here pay here” and “tote the note dealers” don't always report to the credit bureaus. These dealers have helped lots of people buy a car that otherwise might not have been able to. Since these dealers fund the loans themselves, they don't require credit checks. But if you're looking to reestablish your credit and raise your FICO score, this route is usually a waste of time.

At Auto Credit Express, we are subprime credit experts

When you apply for a car loan using our secure application at, we review your application and forward it to the closest affiliated dealer across the U.S. These dealers specialize in bad credit car customers. Our web site also has calculators and a resource page to answer any questions that you might have. For those harder to answer questions, we have knowledgeable customer service representatives available during business hours at the toll free number listed at the bottom of every web page.

So if you need a free car loan quote and you think your only option is a “buy here pay here” dealer, give us a shot first. Let us explain the benefits of getting financed with us, and let us get you into a new or pre-owned car while rebuilding your credit at the same time.