Future of Headlights: Lasers

Every time you travel down the freeways, you’re likely to see some new headlight design. Whether it’s the annoying purple High Intensity Discharge lights (HID) or some funky colored headlamp, it’s never been easier to have your vehicle personalized. Now you can even add laser beams. However it’s not exactly the beams that your cat seems to be consumed with chasing. So how can you use lasers on your vehicle? Well let’s turn to a video made by Popular Mechanics.

Laser Headlights

Future of Headlights: Lasers

At the 2014 International Consumer Electronic Show earlier this year, Audi revealed what they plan on using in all their models in production: a combination of LED and Lasers in their headlights. LEDs are not such a strange source of light anymore. However, lasers? In the video shown below, Popular Mechanics cornered Audi’s Head of Lighting Innovations, Stephan Berlitz. He shows us an example of the blue, 6 diode laser that would be part of the high beam system. The pinpoint of light quickly disperses when pointed at the piece of plastic on his table. Here, take a look!

A Brighter Tomorrow

What’s so appealing about the use of these lasers is they have the potential of lighting the road up to 1500 ft in front of you. That’s more than a quarter mile! Innovations for drivers’ safety on the roads are being made everyday. If you’re in need of a newer model full of all the features you need to stay safe, then complete our quick and easy online application! We’ll find local dealers in your area that are ready and able to help you finance a car, truck or SUV that you want. Apply today and drive into a brighter future.

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