Everyone who gets behind the wheel of a car on a regular basis should strive to be a safer driver. Now auto insurer Nationwide wants to give you one more reason to practice safe driving habits. With their SmartRide® program, you can earn substantial discounts on your auto insurance. And if you already have a policy with Nationwide, it costs nothing to participate in the program.

Are you an exceptionally safe driver? If so, you might save as much as 40% on your premium. You will definitely get an instant 10% enrollment discount just for signing up with the program.

Being Aware of Safe Driving Habits

Currently available in 24 states, SmartRide makes drivers more aware of their everyday driving habits and rewards good behavior.

When you sign up for the program, a small device for your car is sent to you. After attaching the device, you can go online to track your progress and get personalized feedback about your driving trends. After a period of four to six months, you simply send the device back to Nationwide and lock in your final discount, which will be applied towards your next policy renewal.

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To promote the program, Nationwide has recently launched a digital marketing campaign. Regarding this campaign, vice president of Property & Preferred Auto Product/Pricing at Nationwide, Larry Thursby, has stated:

"If you're a driver committed to staying alert, avoiding distractions, and following the rules of the road, we're going to reward you for it. This marketing campaign communicates how easy it is to participate in the program and how members can see their progress and estimated discount through a personalized SmartRide experience."

So, exactly how is your potential discount calculated? When the dedicated device collects data from your activity behind the wheel, four primary factors are considered.

  • Miles Driven: Driving less might mean saving more. This is because statistics show that on average, the more miles you drive, the higher the chances are of you being involved in an accident.
  • Hard Braking: Braking hard means that you are forcing the vehicle to suddenly stop or decelerate in excess of 7.7 mph per second. Nationwide believes that truly safe drivers will seldom, if ever, have the need to implement hard braking.
  • Fast Acceleration: This term describes abruptly speeding more than 7.7 mph per second. Believed to be a sign of unsafe, aggressive driving, fast acceleration is never encouraged.
  • Nighttime Driving: If you are a Night Owl, you may want to think about resetting your internal clock. Statistically speaking, driving between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m. increases your chances of having an accident. This is because it is likely that if you are operating a vehicle during this time, you may be tired or distracted.

Getting a discount on your auto insurance is a great incentive, but the most important thing that a program like SmartDrive can do for you is make you more conscious of your driving decisions. If you discover that you have been driving in a way that is not ideal, you will have the opportunity to correct your habits and become a safer driver.

Finding Your Safe Driving Incentives

No matter which auto insurance provider you are currently with, it will pay to inquire about whether or not they provide safe driving incentives. Usually, discounts are available for drivers with good records or for those who take defensive driving classes. Check with your insurance company to make sure that you are saving as much money as possible on your policy.

And, of course, the greatest safe driving incentive of all is ensuring your own well being and the safety of others on the road. If everyone were to make a concerted effort to be more aware, less distracted and more conscientious while behind the wheel, there would be far fewer accidents and injuries caused by motor vehicles.

An Incentive to Get Financed

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