Car buying should never be done in a hurry unless you absolutely have to rush, and you should make a pre-purchase inspection part of the process for you next time around.

Getting a Used Car Inspected Before Buying

Having a certified mechanic - preferably one that you've established a prior relationship with and trust - inspect your car before the purchase is highly recommended by most experts. Yet, having a used car inspected is one part of the car-buying process that is often ignored. Why is that?

used car inspected

  • "I Didn't Even Know This Was an Option"
    Most dealerships allow potential buyers to have a car inspected by a third party. All you need to do is ask. Car salesmen want to sell cars, so working with the customer in whatever way they can works in their favor. Having the used car checked out by a professional works in your favor as well.
  • "What if the Dealer Makes a Big Deal About it?"
    While dealers are not required to allow potential buyers to take a car off the lot to have it inspected by a third party, you should never be afraid to ask. If they make a big stink about not wanting you to have it checked out, then what exactly are they trying to hide?
  • "I Took it For a Test Drive"
    You can do a number of beneficial things during a test drive like check the lights, controls, heating, air-conditioning, doors, trunk, and even under the hood. However, you still shouldn't feel confident just because it passed the eye-test during an around-the-block drive. Having a mechanic make sure the car looks good front-to-back is the best way to be truly confident about the vehicle.
  • "But It's Going to Cost Me Money"
    This is perhaps the biggest reason why people ignore the inspection. Yes, it will cost you money, but try to put it in perspective. Putting a few bucks towards an inspection is better than having to shell out thousands on repairs after you've bought the car. A vehicle is a huge purchase already; if you aren't comfortable buying a pre-purchase inspection, why are you okay investing thousands in a vehicle that you potentially know very little about?

It's often said that no two used cars are the same. You never know if something has gone unreported on a vehicle history report. Get in the know by making the pre-purchase inspection part of your car-buying process.

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