Hi-Tech Automotive Highlights From the 2014 CES electronics show in Las Vegas

The Consumers Electronics Show is getting the jump on the North American International Auto Show. Gradually crossing over into automotive innovation year after year, CES has become the place where some great technological auto developments are premiered first. We here at Auto Credit Express are here to bring you this great information as well as great auto loans.

Some high points of the Consumers Electronics Show

2014 International CES automakers

  • One highlight was the BMW 6 Series and M235i. BMW demonstrated the advances in autonomous driving they have made at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway by having both cars drive the course without any actual drivers operating them. The maneuvering, accelerating and braking was astounding – you would have never guessed that nobody was driving!
  • Turn Down that Dial

  • Audi also presented their take on auto pilot by having the Audi Sport Quattro Laserlight V8 Hybrid concept car use its autonomous tech to drive onto the stage for their news conference. However, their highlight was the Laserlight tech. The laser headlights can light the road for almost one third of a mile – more than any headlight to date. In addition to that, the Quattro concept can squeeze 90 miles out of one tank of gas.
  • Another focus of the CES was clean energy. Toyota premiered their Hydrogen Fuel Cell sedan concept. It emits only water vapor and only takes between three and five minutes to refuel. And just because it is a clean energy car doesn’t mean that it lacks power: it boasts a 300 mile driving range and can go from 0 to 60 in 10 seconds.
  • Ford also showed off what it has been experimenting with in the form of the C-Max Solar Energi Concept car, which is an electric vehicle that can draw power from the sun. This solar powered prototype is nowhere near ready for the general public, but it will be great to see what comes from this kind of experimentation.

So much innovation that it takes more than one show to present it

While CES may have gotten the jump on the NAIAS, that doesn’t mean there is nothing left to see in Detroit. With so many amazing innovations coming our way, don’t be surprised if there really will need to be two different shows just to cover all of it. Until next time…

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