Here is a real life account of how a young woman named Emily experienced a holiday dilemma, but with a little help from the folks at Auto Credit Express, was able to turn things around to give her story a happy ending.

Did that Really Just Happen?

Home for the Holidays: How ACE made it Possible

After graduating from college in her home state of Michigan, Emily was lucky enough to find a good job in Chicago. She was enjoying her life in the city as a young professional, even if she was on a pretty tight budget. A high cost of living coupled with student loan payments and other bills didn't leave very much wiggle room at the end of every month, but she was managing to squeak by. Like any young adult living away from home for the first time, she missed her family very much and looked forward to coming home for the holidays.

But then it happened. About a month before Christmas, her trusty little car that had gotten her through college finally gave out. It was beyond repair and Emily was left with no means of personal transportation. Since she lived in the city, she was still able to use public transportation to get to work, but she didn't know how she was going to get back to Michigan in time for the holidays. The cost of a plane ticket on her budget seemed pretty extravagant, and it wouldn't help her out in the long run. She needed a new car.

In the Nick of Time

Emily began her search for a practical used car, but was getting turned down for auto loans. She assumed that her credit was okay, but she quickly realized that she just didn't have enough credit history to be considered a good loan candidate. Also, her Debt to Income ratio was a little high according to the lenders that she spoke with. She was starting to panic because she was running out of time.

One day, an internet search brought her to the Auto Credit Express website. She was naturally a little skeptical, but based on what she was reading on the site, it seemed like these people might be able to help. She took 3 minutes to fill out the free online finance application.

In about 2 hours, Emily received a phone call from someone named Brandon at Auto Credit Express. He was polite and courteous, and he went over Emily's application with her over the phone. Brandon asked Emily if she had anything to use for a down payment. And, as luck would have it, she had received a fairly substantial holiday bonus from her employer, so she had some money to bring to the table.

Using the information she provided, Brandon was able to connect her with a local dealer. He arranged for her to meet with the dealer to discuss the amount that she had been approved for and to pick out a car. So, in an unbelieving daze, Emily got a ride to the dealership and met with a salesperson. And after just a few hours of pleasant negotiation, she drove herself off the lot in a car that she was thrilled with, calling her mom on the way to discuss what they were going to make for Christmas dinner.

Can we make Your Holiday a Little Brighter?

Here at Auto Credit Express, we love to help people turn dreams into reality. If reliable transportation is all that you want for Christmas, we can assist you with the financing regardless of what your credit history looks like. Just fill out our fast and secure application to get started today.