If you've been struggling to recover from bad credit choices in the past, consider the benefits that a secured credit card has to offer you.

It seems that once you’re down in the financial world, few people are willing to reach down and help you out.

At Auto Credit Express, we've made it a way of life to find new ways to help those suffering from bad credit, bankruptcy, job loss and other unfortunate events. We offer many free tools to help you rebuild your FICO score, including pre-paid and secured credit cards.

How It Works

How a Secured Card Rebuilds Credit Scores

Secured credit cards seem to be one of those things that the people who need them the most don't know about. When other credit unions and banks don't want to offer you a line of credit, a secured card is your best bet.

When you go to your bank to apply for a card, you're really opening a savings account. What you deposit in this specific account becomes your line of credit. This means you really can't be denied. If you deposit $300 each month, you'll have a $300 line of credit.

You may think this simply sounds like a debit card - you would be right. The difference though is that your monthly payments, or deposits, are reported to the credit bureaus. You'll see this result in an improvement of your score as long as you make the payments on time just like a traditional credit card.

Where to Apply

Just like with a regular credit card, you don't want to apply for just any card. Check with your current bank first, they can easily access your accounts and can see what your current situation is. You're likely to get the offer there.

If your bank doesn't offer secured credit cards, you'll find there are a plethora of third party options available. Be careful and look over all their terms and conditions though. Some companies charge monthly fees, transfer fees, and even an insurance fee. Also, make sure that they will report your payments to the three credit agencies.

At Auto Credit Express, we do have some of the best credit tools that you can use including a secured card offer. When you're trying to rebuild your credit history, come to the people who are able to best understand and address your situation. We've helped plenty of people qualify for bad credit auto loans by helping them get a secured credit card. We can help you too!