When it comes to deciding whether or not a particular car is right for you, reading online specs and descriptions is a good place to start, but you won't really know until you take a test drive. But in order to really determine if a vehicle will fit your needs - ALL of your needs - make a checklist of standards that the car should meet.

Test Drive, Test Park, Test Everything

Yes, you're going to want to be sure that you can comfortably drive a car that you're interested in buying, but that's really just the beginning. What else will you need your new vehicle to do for you?

    • Keep your regular commute in mind. Do you have to deal with an extra-steep hill every day, or an incredibly sharp curve? If you want to take the car through the places that you normally go in order to make sure that it performs as it should, don't be afraid to ask the dealer. Even if you have to go 20 miles out of the way, most dealers will be happy to comply with your request.

Test Drive, Car Buying

  • Are you serious about your music? Don't get stuck with a subpar speaker system. Bring your music along for the ride, and make sure that it sounds just right.
  • Will the vehicle fit? Quite literally, will you be able to park it in the space that you have in mind? Wouldn't it be a hassle to purchase your dream car only to realize later that it is too big for your garage? Most dealers will allow you to drive the vehicle to your home for a "test park."
  • Will your partner fit? If you live with a significant other, roommate or any family member who has longer legs, you may wish to bring this person with you when you test drive the car. It's good to know that everyone will be riding comfortably in your new purchase.
  • Is everything where you want it to be? It may be that a cup holder is in an awkward location, or maybe the console is situated higher than you would like. Little things that initially seem like minor nuisances can eventually become major annoyances.

Remember to take all of the time that you need for your test drive. Buying a car requires a big commitment and a substantial chunk of your money. Make sure that you get what you want, and that you'll continue to want it for several years to come.

Connecting You with the Financing You Need

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