Car batteries are often the forgotten member of the team under your hood. That is, until they die and cause problems. Unfortunately there are often very few signs that your battery is about to bite it until you're stuck on the side of the road. By checking your engine regularly, you may notice a few details that can change that. At Auto Credit Express, your safety is important to us; so to keep you on the road our team would like to share some information with you.

Six signs you need a new battery

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Make it a habit to take a look at your battery when you check your engine fluids. Or if you bring your vehicle to your mechanic regularly, ask them if they can check your battery as well. Keep in mind it is difficult to catch a dying battery. However sometimes there are some signs such as:

  • Battery Age
    Batteries typically last about four years. Once you near three years of age, be sure to check regularly or at least be prepared to change your battery.
  • Leaks
    Leaks from the battery and other components can gunk up on the terminal posts. Make sure to wipe the posts off to keep the connections in place.
  • Swollen Case
    Extreme heat can cause a battery's casing to swell and this can significantly lower its life span.
  • Fluid Level
    You can monitor your battery fluid by using indicators on the case. If it gets below the conductor, have your battery checked soon.
  • Check Engine/Battery Light
    If this light comes on it's likely that the life of the battery is getting weak.
  • Slow Engine Start
    If your engine is having a hard time turning over or starting, this could indicate a dying battery.

As We See It

While in most cases simply replacing your battery can solve the problem, sometimes your vehicle may need other repairs that are simply much too costly. If it's time to find a new vehicle that isn't suffering from battery or engine problems, let us help! Our simple online application will get you ahead of the crowds. We'll find dealers and in house financing car lots in your local area that are ready and willing to finance car loans for bad credit people despite your past credit history. Let Auto Credit Express jump-start your car buying experience. Apply today!