You want the new car smell. You want the crisp shine. You want the clear as day displays and pristine interior. How do you go about that, especially if you haven’t cleaned your car in months? Here at Auto Credit Express, we know how important it is to keep your car clean.

Where do I start? This car is a mess!

Before you can start detailing, you need to get the car generally clean. Get all of the burger wrappers, junk mail, empty pop bottles and the like out of there! Once that is done, the real cleaning can begin.shine

Start with the interior. There is no use cleaning up the outside first if you are just going to get more interior dust and grime on the finish. So clean out those nooks and crannies, get every inch of those cup holders and vents. You will want to choose cleaners that will be appropriate for your interior to avoid doing any damage to it. Some great tools for cleaning are compressed air for those tough to reach spots, and specialized cleaning agents for the upholstery. Scrub brushes are your friend when it comes to the floor and mats in your vehicle.

When it comes to the tires, always make sure you use non acid based cleaning agents. Pros may have acid based cleaners they use, but they have properly mixed their cleaning agents and know how to keep them from coming in contact with finishes and alloys. Always make sure you clean your tires before cleaning the outer body.

When cleaning the exterior, make sure that you are not using dishwashing detergent. These household cleaners may get the vehicle spotless, but you are stripping off the protective wax coatings that protect your cars’ paintjob. Only use approved cleaners on your vehicle. When you are finished cleaning, you should use a silicone squeegee to remove any excess water and soap to prevent any mineral and residual dirt buildup. Once dry, run your hand across the top of the vehicle. If the surface feels coarse, the exterior needs further cleaning. There are paint cleaners that you can buy to achieve this result. Make sure to only use approved products.

Wax your vehicle. Two coats should do it, anything more will simply come off during the buffing process. Once you are finished with that, it is time to clean the glass. Make this the final step, as the glass will have all of the dirt and grime from the previous steps. Find an ammonia-free glass cleaner and use a microfiber cloth. Be sure to roll down the windows to get the tops and corners that you don't always see.

Keep up with your cleaning

Following these basic steps every few months will keep your new or used car in great cosmetic shape. Also keep these tips in mind for the future when you purchase a new or used car. And when that time comes, remember that we're here to help you get an auto loan - even if you have bad credit or no credit history at all.