It's that time of year again! Yes, that's right -  the time of year where you attend at least a dozen holiday parties within a few weeks' time. You might even host a couple yourself. Any search on the Internet today will pull up pages and pages of results of tried and true tips to help show all your guests a great time. However one responsibility that is often overlooked is making sure your guests have a safe way home.

Serving Alcohol? Have a Designated Driver!

safe holiday party

Many parties these days have at least a few alcoholic drinks, but that's all it takes to cause an accident that can cost lives. MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) has some great tips to make sure your party is not only a blast, but also to make sure your guests are able to safely get home  and remember the great time they had:

  • When guests RSVP, be sure they have a designated driver in their group.
  • Have a list of taxi services for guest who do not have anyone to drive.
  • Have a reliable bartender to help keep track of how much your guests have had.
  • Serve healthy and nutritious snacks that will help slow the effects of alcohol.
  • Stop serving alcoholic drinks about 90 minutes before the party ends.
  • Be prepared to turn your home into a hotel for guests who’ve had too much.

There are many more tips and advice listed on MADD as well as other sources that would help any host have a safe and memorable party any time of the year.

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