Automobiles have certainly seen their share of changes over the centuries. Ever evolving to meet the needs of commuters' worldwide, manufacturers have turned their attention to limiting their footprint that affects the environment around us. The green movement has lead us to see many advances from smaller, more efficient vehicles to new material and products being used from recycled waste. We have even seen the engine, fuel and battery change how the heart of a car, truck or SUV works. Electrically fueled vehicles have long been on the market; in 2015 though, they'll have a new competitor. Hydrogen.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Vehicles Tomorrow

As a product that has been under work for a long time now, it's great to find out there is yet another option available in the auto market soon. Although some flash back to the Hindenburg, the hydrogen fuel cells being placed in vehicles starting 2015 have been well tested and designed. There was even a vehicle that was broadsided with no fatalities. The fuel cells are certainly cleaner than gasoline or diesel fueled vehicles as the only by product is water. Hydrogen fuel cells beat electric cars such as Tesla just for the distance they can go between charges: 400 miles. So far so good right? However the cells do have some downsides:

  • The number of charge stations are extremely limited and mostly located on the west coast.
  • The cells are currently quite bulky and heavy.
  • The cost

The last point there is one that will make you cringe. No official costs have been announced as of yet. However projected ticket prices have been placed anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000; certainly not the affordable vehicle that most electric vehicles have become today. Experts say this will change though as the cells continue to improve and become more readily available for drivers everywhere. Saving on gas will certainly be something that you can look forward to in the future.

As We See It

Perhaps the newest member to the green initiative is not affordable for most people. However, there many other alternatives to turn to if you want to not only improve your mileage, but also your impact on the world around you. Even if you may not have the greatest credit record, Auto Credit Express can get you to the people that know how to find the financing you need for a vehicle you want. Our quick application is the first step towards a greener world and a greener wallet too!