The identification you will need when taking delivery of a vehicle from a dealer that participates in bad credit auto sales
Identification for Approved Auto Loans
Take it from us

There are certain identification requirements necessary during the delivery process when financing with terrible credit auto loans.

We know because although we don't offer online auto loans here at Auto Credit Express, for the past 20 years we've been helping customers with bad credit locate a dealer that can get them financed. Our website is even designed so that credit-challenged applicants can check out such topics as FICO scores and tote the note loans as well as today's topic, bringing the proper identification when taking delivery of a vehicle financed with poor credit car loans.

The rules

Even after you've been approved there are issues that can bring the loan process to a halt. One of them is the required identification applicants need to bring with them when taking delivery of a vehicle.

To avoid either a trip back home or the possibility of being unable to pick up your new car, this is what you should know.


Prior to delivery you'll need to present a valid photo driver's license as proof of identification. Even though most buyers have already taken a test drive and have had to produce one, in some instances (usually because the salesperson is in a hurry), a copy of your driver's license may not have been made beforehand.

Even if it has, it could've been lost or misplaced. In any case, if you can't produce a valid driver's license at this time, the delivery process can quickly get complicated.

The smallest details

When you present you license, someone at the dealership (usually the salesperson or finance manager) will make and place a copy of it in the deal folder along with the rest of the required loan documents.

The driver's license needs to be current and valid and issued by the state in which you live. It also needs to reflect your current address (as stated on the credit application).

In a growing number of states, even if a license appears to be valid, the dealer will also verify this with the state's department of motor vehicles (DMV). If the results of the verification process show that it isn't (due to outstanding tickets, fines, suspensions, etc.), the delivery process can't continue.

As we see it

When picking up a new or used car, be sure to bring a current, valid driver's license with you; if not, you'll be unable to take delivery of it.

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