2014 CES high tech gadgetsWhat do toothbrushes, contacts, brick phones and 4K televisions all have in common? These are all new technology and gadgets being unveiled at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now you may think that some of these things, like the brick phone for instance, are pretty much archaic in the technology industry. However, the facelift they've received may change your mind.

Tech for Your Health

It seems a great number of gadgets released this year at CES have been focused on bettering our overall health. Introducing a toothbrush you connect to your phone! From Kolibree, it's integrated with your health with your phone. The toothbrush records information about your brushing habits and transmit it to your phone to help you improve your oral hygiene habits. The downside? It may cost as much as $200.

The New Phone… maybe.

Few of us may remember the first cell phone that came with its own luggage. If you don't, well you didn't miss much! However it appears the brick phone may be making a come back. Binatone revealed this gadget as either a replacement to your smart phone or an accessory. It can be used with a SIM card or Bluetooth. This $70 phone has about a 30 day battery life.

But maybe that's a little too low-tech for you savvy folks of today. Perhaps then Innovega's smart contacts are more up your ally. Paired with glasses that are boasted to be better than Google Glass, these contacts allow you to have super human focus abilities on both near and far objects. The iOptix glasses system the contacts pair with are said to have 6 times better resolution than Google Glass and also provide a much larger viewing area. It would be as if you were looking at a large TV projection.

Curve Appeal

Speaking of large televisions, it seems the latest and greatest trend is the curve. Samsung and LG both unveiled their Ultra Hi-Def (UHD) televisions. The curved frame allows for balanced and uniform distance from all points of the screen. The 105-inch screen also ensures you won't need to crowd into the center of a room for everyone to view the latest films either. And the price-tag on this luxury? The priced announced by LG ahead of the show is a whopping $69,999.

As We See It

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