Shopping for a vehicle is one of the biggest purchases people make in their lives, and since all of us will likely be purchasing more than one car in our lifetime, it only makes sense to determine what you can afford before choosing the car you want.

Joe has a great credit score of 700. Not only that, but he has $1,000 set aside for a down payment. He also has extra cash to cover the tax, title and license, and a well maintained car to trade in. He's got it covered. All he needs to do is walk into the dealership, choose a car, pick the finance plan that works best for him and sign the paperwork. With good credit, car buying is a breeze.

Trying to Buy a Car with Bad Credit

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Jeff's situation isn't as great as Joe's. Unfortunately, he has bad credit. He only has $500 for a down payment, no extra cash to cover necessary fees, and no trade in. And he needs a car now. He knows he has a slim chance of getting approved, and doesn't have time to go through the process multiple times only to be turned down. How exactly did Jeff get what he needed?

He came to us.

Get the Best Options

Jeff got the help he needed by completing our fast and free online application. We found the nearest dealership that could help him. From there, he met with the dealer, who determined how much he could afford and helped him select the car that best fit his needs. His transportation issue was solved and he was able to stay within his budget.

Even though Jeff's financial situation wasn't the best, he was able to get the automobile he needed with no hassle. Now he not only has a new vehicle, but also the opportunity to rebuild his credit.

Finding a new car doesn't have to be hard, even if you have bad credit. We've helped thousands of "Jeff's" nationwide, and we can help you too.