Some drivers brush off the importance of making sure they visit the mechanic for routine maintenance on their vehicles. This is especially true during times when the budget is a little tighter than usual. What you may not realize though, is you're actually wasting a ton more money by not going in for your regular tune-up and oil change. This is because you're wearing down your engine more and more, and without the proper care it will someday have serious issues that have to be addressed; or it could just stop working altogether.

Furthermore, by keeping up with your vehicle's care, you could save yourself a ton of money when you purchase your next car, truck or SUV. If that's not convincing enough listen to this - the world's oldest running car sold for over $4.2 million.

Tune-up's, Oil Changes, and Trade-in's Oh My!

Now you probably don't have a 1884 De Dion Bouton Et Trapadoux Dos-A-Dos Steam Runabout in your drive way (say that three times fast!), but you probably have a vehicle that can be of great worth to you on many different levels. No matter what type of automobile you own, if it doesn't transport you from point A to point B, it's probably not going to be of much worth to you. Here's what you shouldn't skip out on:

  • Tune-ups
    Just like your own health, you should make sure you car visits the mechanic for its check up. Consult your owner's manual to know exactly when to see your local mechanic. It's often based on mileage; not months like some may lead you to believe.
  • Oil and Other Fluid Changes
    Oil, coolant, power steering and so many other fluids need to be checked regularly too. If you're unsure what to check or how to replace the fluids, it's best to go see someone that is experienced that can assist you or do it for you. Again, your manual will give you great insight as to when fluids typically need to be changed or replaced.
  • Trading In
    The best way to get back some value on your investment is to use the value stored up in your vehicle. This is especially true if your credit is suffering a bit or money is tight; having a great trade in could be the difference between getting the vehicle you want or not.

As We See It

At the end of the day, it's important to realize what an important part your car, truck or SUV plays in your life. When you see just how much you depend on it, you'll see just why it's so important to maintain this investment regularly. Keep the routine maintenance costs in your budget so you know you can always afford it; after all, it's a lot cheaper to maintain the engine than it is to replace it, especially if that means you have to finance a used car. When you're ready to trade it in for a better car, be cautious about where you go. Auto Credit Express can help save you time by sending you to the best dealer in your area the first time you go out. Our hassle-free application will get you connected to a nationwide network of professionals that will keep your best interests at heart.