We have all experienced the holiday rush that can sometimes cause madness as the year draws to a close. Running to every different store we can just to find that special gift, kids who are ready to tear open anything wrapped in paper, parties that just never seem to end, and the list goes on!

Tips for a Less Stress Holiday

holiday stress

No doubt, the holidays can cause even the most laid back people to stress. So in efforts to help keep us all sane, here are a few ideas to keep your holiday a little less stressful.

  1. Say No!

    Nearly everyone we know is having a party or event of some sort. And let's face it, it's nearly humanly impossible to attend them all and keep from pulling out all our hair. So just say no! Choose events that will be memorable to you and your family instead of trying to appease everyone. If that means just staying in and watching TV specials, then just do it. You may be surprised how well others may understand.
  2. Mind Your Budget

    We have all suffered the “January Hangover.” You know, when you receive all those bills and wonder how on earth you spent that much. So make a list and set a budget. Not every gift has to be an extravagant one that you pay for longer than the receiver enjoys it. A popular idea recently is DIY gifts that can really save you money and time! No standing for hours in long lines anymore.
  3. Keep it Real

    On TV we always see these wonderful, magical holidays that families have. But let's get real. Having a scripted family dinner is probably not going to mean as much even if it's perfect. We always seem to find a way to laugh at something that was devastating in the moment; like when your ribbon winning pie ended up in the lap of your over-bearing aunt. Just admit it - that was way better than a robotic family event right?

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