April is National Car Care Month and the Car Care Council wants to help you take care of your vehicle. Their mission is to educate drivers about the importance of routine vehicle maintenance, and their website is filled with useful tools and information.

National Car Care Month

national car care monthThe Car Care Council, a non-profit organization, has been promoting its "Be Car Care Aware" consumer education campaign for some time. The goal of the campaign is to educate motorists on the benefits of regular vehicle care. April, National Car Care Month, is the perfect time for them to further promote the program.

"During National Car Care Month and throughout the year, we are constantly sharing information to help motorists keep their vehicles operating safely, dependably and efficiently, so be sure to check our website and social media platforms often," said Rich White, the council's executive director.

Following the Car Care Council online is an easy way to learn about vehicle service and repairs. After all, proper care is the best way to ensure that your vehicle lives a long and healthy life.

Motorists can get tips and reminders by following the council on social media, but their website, www.carcare.org, is where you should go for more in-depth information. It's filled with loads of vehicle care information and helpful videos.

Two of the site's best features are the "Custom Service Schedule" and the "Car Care Guide." Both are free and can be valuable resources for any vehicle owner.

The Car Care Guide

The Car Care Council's "Car Care Guide" is a 76-page handbook on vehicle maintenance. It's a comprehensive directory of anything and everything you need to know about car care.

It breaks down topics such as typical maintenance and repair needs, the major component systems, and service interval recommendations. The guide also explains the what, when, why and how on vehicle service, repair and systems.

The best part? The "Car Care Guide" is available for free. You can head to the website and access it electronically, or you can request to have a printed copy mailed to you. That way, you can keep it in your car to always have on hand.

The Custom Service Schedule Tool

Another cool feature on the council's website is their "Custom Service Schedule." It's also free to use and it can help you stay on top of service needs.

With this tool, you enter your vehicle's information - year, make, model, trim, mileage, etc. Then, you can set up email notifications for suggested services at recommended intervals.

Furthermore, you can enter service history and records to create a detailed log. This can be very helpful, and it can even improve the resale value of your vehicle. There is also a diagnostic tool to help you identify possible problems with your car.

The Bottom Line

Regular maintenance and repairs are essential to the longevity of your vehicle. The Car Care Council is here to provide you with useful information to be able to stay on top of them.

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