In a new study from the American Automobile Association (AAA), researchers found that almost a third of all 2017 model year cars don’t have spare tires. If you’re used to having a spare tire, this figure may be alarming if you plan to buy a newer model.

Why Many New Cars Don't Have Spare Tires

There’s a reason why automakers are phasing out spare tires in their vehicles: they want to reduce the weight of their cars. Reducing weight improves fuel economy, but not having a spare tire as standard equipment could cause issues. Not being able to change your tire when you’re stranded is enough to worry about, but the added costs of calling a tow truck and taking it to the shop could put a big dent in your wallet.

Tire Care Tips

It's hard to predict when you're going to have issues with tires. The best thing to do is to prepare your car and tires as much as possible before a costly incident occurs. Some helpful tips from AAA include those things that can be done before you begin driving:

  • changing a tireLook for a spare – Before purchasing a car, ask if a spare tire is either included or can be purchased as an add-on.
  • Inspect all tires – As part of your maintenance routine, check the tire pressure in each tire (including the spare), as well as the tread depth.
  • Read the manual – The owner’s manual will tell you everything you need to know about your vehicle, including tires and expiration dates on tire-inflator kits.
  • Additional coverage – If you’re worried about the possibility of being stranded without a spare, consider getting roadside assistance coverage.

Bottom Line

You may not think of needing a spare tire, but if you get a flat during a drive, you could be faced with a loss of money and time. It’s important to double check before you make a new car purchase, and know the risks of not having a spare tire.

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