It seems to be the season of recalls; it seems like a new manufacturer is added to the list everyday. However, one of the more recent recalls is likely to give you the creeps.

Arachnophobes beware! Mazda's most recent recall has to do with the 8-legged creatures that create so much fear. And in this case, that fear may be very valid.

Spiders, Gas Tanks and Fires. OH MY!

Spider Bait

It seems that the Yellow Sac Spider is causing problems yet again. In 2011, the manufacturer issued a recall on over 60,000 of its vehicles. These little arachnids are quite attracted to the hydrocarbons in gasoline in the tank of 2009 and 2010 models of the Mazda 6 for some unknown reason.

They find their ways into a fuel tank hose where they do what all spiders do: weave a web. The problem is that their webs can block the airflow. This can cause cracking to the fuel tank and possibly even a fire.

Since they've unsuccessfully waged war twice now on the spiders, Mazda has designed a software fix; to alleviate any pressure in the tank and to prevent cracking as well. They had previously designed a spring that was supposed to keep the creepy crawlers out, but still some found their way into the hoses.

If You Face a Recall…

With as many recalls as there has been lately, it's good practice to be prepared in the event your vehicle falls under one of them.

  • Keep paperwork like your title, insurance and driver's license where you can find them to prove your ownership of the car.
  • Take your vehicle in as soon as possible; even a small recall can cause big problems for the driver and passengers.

As We See It

Although some recalls can be quite humorous, they should never be taken lightly. If a manufacturer has issued a recall, it means that there could be serious safety issues. And in this case, serious and a little creepy! Of course if your current spider loving Mazda has you creep-ed out and you really thing a different car is in order, here at Auto Credit Express we're happy to help! You can jump online to our auto loan application any time of the day.

Though we're pretty sure you'll be be fine if you just follow the recall. But if this current case really bugs you, just be sure to carry some insecticide with you. You know, in case.