I work as a service representative in the call center at Auto Credit Express. Last year on December 19th, I received a frantic call from a gentleman named Mike who went on to explain that he was running out of time, and that he needed a car NOW.

The Situation

I told Mike that I would do everything that I could to get what he needed as quickly as possible, and that I just needed some information to get him started. Mike took a deep breath and started from the beginning.

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On December 15th, the transmission in Mike's 12 year old Corolla died completely, and this car was his family's only vehicle. He explained his wife was in full panic mode because she was pregnant with their first child and due on the 22nd. She desperately wanted to get a replacement car before she went into labor. Not only did she want to be able to make it to the hospital at any time, day or night, but she knew that she wouldn't feel comfortable having a newborn in the house with no immediate means of transportation. What if an emergency came up?

Mike didn't want his wife to worry, so he had started to look for a new car immediately after the old one went out of commission. And while he had a good job as a line manager with a major auto manufacturer that he had been at for 2 1/2 years, he also had a major blemish on his credit history. 3 years ago, Mike had completed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing, and this was keeping him from getting an auto loan. He had already been turned down at two places. The clock was ticking, and he didn't know where to turn.

The Solution

I was glad that he called. From what he had told me, it sounded like he was a great candidate for special financing. I asked him if his wife would be willing to co-sign for him. Mike responded that, yes, she probably would, but she didn't have much of a credit history.

I explained that this may not be a problem. Mike's income and steady employment would go a long way towards approval. Then, I proceeded to ask if he had any money saved up to use as a down payment on a car. Did he have additional cash for tax, title and license fees? It turned out that Mike had about $1,500 available. I told him that this was good to hear, took the rest of his application information, and assured him that he would receive a call within 24 hours.

I was able to call Mike back the very next day, and I made an appointment for him to visit a local dealership on the 21st. I found out later that Mike left the dealership in a car that he was very happy with. His wife was even happier.

The Testimonial

Mike later left some feedback for us. We had made the seemingly impossible seem effortless, and we had really come through for his family. It turns out that, while Mike and his wife were fully prepared to welcome a new baby on the 22nd, little Sarah had waited until the 24th to make her appearance . . . A little late, but not too late for Santa!

And Mike had this to say, “Our daughter may have taken her time, but Auto Credit Express sure didn't. They lived up to their name, and the three of us couldn't be more appreciative.”

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