What do contractors, plumbers, electricians all have in common? Well, more than likely, their vehicle is their business office. Since leasing a car even with damaged credit can often be cheaper than leasing office space, this has become a common practice. With this in mind, manufacturers have begun offering vehicles that are better suited for these professionals. Safety and technology are important features for everyone on the road.

Features Professionals Need

Mobile Office of the Future

The days of crinkled maps and balancing laptops are over. The needs of professionals have been heard and responded to. Some of these latest features were even showcased at the recent 2014 North American International Auto Show on models like the Ford Transit Connect in the video below.

  • Touch Screen Navigation
    Probably the most look forward to feature, the accessibility to touch screen navigation certainly makes it easier for professionals get to their clients without the stress of outdated maps. You can even add your repeat customers to a contact list. Plus you can simply select where you need to go and allow the computer's voice to direct your next turn.
  • Hands Free Calling
    Sending and receiving calls happens almost constantly when you run your own business. However, taking those calls on the road can be quite dangerous when you have to fumble with a phone. Hands Free calling allows you to continue driving where you need to go while accepting the calls that your customers make. You'll be making more business as you save lives!
  • Enhanced Safety
    Air bags and brakes have been improved in work vehicles as equally as they have in commuter vehicles. Often work vehicles are heavier so can cause quite a collision. You can also keep yourself safer by making sure that you have items in your vehicle secured well.

As We See It

If you're a work professional and are in need of these latest features, Auto Credit Express can help you! We even work with in house financing dealerships nationwide so no matter where you are we can help get you financed. Our simple online application will only take you away from your business for too long. Plus when we receive your application, our team will find a reputable dealer in your local area. Apply today and watch as your business improves!