Depending on where you work or who you know you can often get an extra discount even if your credit scores are low
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New car discounts

If you work for an auto manufacturer or have friends or family members that do you may be able to take advantage of one of these discounts even if you have poor credit.

We happen to be very familiar with these discounts here at Auto Credit Express because we're based in Michigan and we've been helping credit-challenged car buyers for more than twenty years. We've even dedicated a portion of our website to address questions regarding online car loans bad credit including today's subject, car employee new car discounts.

New car discounts

With the high cost of new cars, buyers with less than perfect credit usually choose a low-mileage used car. But there are some applicants who might find that financing a new car can be just as affordable.

More to the point, if an auto loan applicant is a Ford employee, retiree or a friend of a Ford employee or retiree (A-plan, S-plan or X-plan) a Chrysler employee, retiree or a friend of an employee or retiree or works for a supplier company (Employee Advantage employee purchase, friends program, affiliate company program), or a GM employee, retiree or preferred supplier or even the friend of a preferred supplier (GMO, GMS), that individual applying for a loan can use one of these discounts to reduce the selling price of an eligible new vehicle.

In most cases, these car buyers can also deduct a particular model's new car incentives (cash) from the discounted price for even greater savings.

But qualifying for one of these discount programs doesn't always mean it can be used.

Issues with auto employee discounts

Even if you qualify and you have an auto loan approval you need to follow the guidelines set by the lender. This means that once the lender has determined your vehicle budget and interest rate, it's up to the dealership to determine the cars in inventory that meet those requirements. This means that the finance manager has to determine whether a new car eligible for one of these discounts falls within the lender's guidelines.

The fact is, in some cases it will and in some cases it won't.

Another issue you need to consider is that not all new car dealers work with lenders that offer car loans to individuals with car credit issues.

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If you're faced with these problems, Auto Credit Express can help you find a dealer for your best chance at an auto loan approval.

So if you find yourself in this situation and you'd like to reestablish your auto credit, you can begin now by filling out our online car loans application.