Borrowers with credit issues that are signed up with Credit Karma can now receive free credit reports in addition to credit scores

The best things in life

More Good Karma for your Credit

Here at Auto Credit Express we realize that best things in life may not always be free, but for once this phrase is true even for borrowers with bad credit.

Credit Karma

When it comes to free, one credit report per year is all you'll get from each of the major credit reporting agencies (credit bureaus). If you need another one, you'll have to pay for it (unless you get turned down for credit based on the information from a specific CRA or you need to review your credit file following a dispute).

But unlike credit reports, you always have to pay for a credit report, which usually involves signing up for a combination of services offered by the three bureaus costing $15.95 or more per month.

The three CRAs pretty much had it to themselves until San Francisco-based came onto the scene in 2008 with the following message:

Credit Karma, a resource that helps empower consumers to actively manage their financial health, today announced an agreement with, a leading provider of credit reports and consumer credit education, that will enable consumers to obtain their TransUnion credit scores at no cost. Both companies believe that it is more important than ever to provide consumers with the tools and information to better understand how lenders are evaluating them.

While their credit scores still come from just TransUnion (credit scores can vary from bureau to bureau), it was the light at the end of the tunnel for many shopping bad credit auto loans looking to save money. Earlier today, Credit Karma users got more good news when the company announced that consumers registered with the site could now view their credit reports whenever they wished and, among other things, have the ability to update them weekly.

Here's how the email read:

You've got your free credit score. Now, with Credit Karma, you can have your free credit report, too.

With Credit Karma, you can:
• See your full credit report whenever you want and update it weekly.
• Print your report at any time for your records.
• Dig into the details of your report and review suggested next steps.

You've got your free credit score. Now, with Credit Karma, you can have your free credit report, too.

Credit Karma now offers totally free credit reports. Access your full credit report anytime you'd like and update as often as once a week.

Log in today to get your first free credit report.

So there you have it. To obtain your free credit score and credit report from Credit Karma, visit their web site at:

The Bottom Line

While it's still not perfect, one free credit score is better than none at all and it should give borrowers an idea of where they stand, credit-wise. Adding the ability to view credit reports at any time makes an even stronger case for consumers to sign up with Credit Karma.

Another free service: Auto Credit Express help people with credit issues find dealers for their best chances at auto loan approvals.

So if this is you and you're serious about getting your credit back on track, you can begin the process now by filling out our online car loan application.