The iPhone app from vehicle insurer Metromile can help policyholders check fuel consumption and even avoid a street sweeping ticket.

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More than Just Car Insurance?

Here at Auto Credit Express we recently read a press release from auto insurance company Metromile outlining the various services they offer in conjunction with their pay-per-mile car insurance.

Even though the company is currently in just four states (California, Oregon, Washington and Illinois), it plans on expanding. And since low mileage drivers, even those with bad credit, can save money with this type of policy, we decided to dig a little deeper to find out just how innovative this company is.

The Metronome

The device Metromile uses to track how far a vehicle is driven is called a Metronome. It's currently free and plugs into the OBD II diagnostic port of a vehicle (all 1996 model year vehicles and newer, inside the vehicle within 2 feet of the steering wheel) and transmits data back to the Metromile platform.

Downloading the Metromile app to an iPhone offers policyholders the ability to track fuel consumption, vehicle diagnostics, and car location (already the device has helped customers locate and recover vehicles that were either misplaced or stolen). Users also have the ability to view their fuel level (on supported vehicles), and can contact on-staff Metromile mechanics with inquiries while drivers in San Francisco and Chicago can opt to receive notifications to help them avoid those nasty street sweeping tickets.

"Fundamentally, Metromile is a technology company with data science at its core," said Metromile CEO Dan Preston. "We use data to give drivers features that are really useful, like how much they spent on fuel last month, how much time they spend driving below 30mph, and when they need to move their car to avoid a ticket. With these kinds of insights, we hope to make the urban driving experience simpler, more affordable and more enjoyable for everyone."

The Bottom Line

Although the service area is currently very limited, we see the program offered by Metromile, which includes its "pay as you drive" billing model, to be of real value to drivers - even those with less than perfect credit.

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