The results from a Consumer Reports survey show the most and least reliable new cars that can be financed with bad credit car loans
Most Reliable New Cars for Approved Auto Loans
What we know

Bad credit buyers with approved auto loans might want to consider what Consumer Reports has to say before making a buying decision on a new car.

We understand this because for the last ten years Auto Credit Express has helped credit-challenged applicants find a dealer that specializes in bad credit auto sales. Our website also explains car insurance and tip income as well as today's topic: choosing the right new cars for bad credit auto loans.

CR best and worst new cars

Choosing a subcompact, compact or midsize car can save you money on interest, insurance and fuel expenses.

Not long ago, Consumer Reports published the results of their Annual Auto Survey – a report based on responses from subscribers covering 1.3 million vehicles. Using this information, CR is able to determine the most and least reliable new cars.

We sifted through the results and chose the most affordable cars for credit-challenged buyers. Here they are:

Most reliable new cars

Consumer Reports states that the most reliable vehicles "did well in our testing, perform adequately in crash and rollover tests, and have electronic stability control (ESC) that, if not standard, then must be readily available in a mainstream, high-volume trim line."

Not all reliable vehicles included in the survey results were recommended by CR. This is because "they scored too low in our testing, they lack readily available ESC, or we have not tested that particular version."

Small sedans/hatchbacks:

Scion xD
Honda Fit
Scion xB
Mazda Mazda3 Sedan

Although Consumer Reports also listed the Chevrolet Volt, this model is usually too expensive for most credit-challenged buyers.

Least reliable new cars

On the other hand, CR advises that if you're looking for a reliable new car in a small sedan or hatchback, you should stay away from the following models: Chevrolet Cruze (information based on one model year) and the Mini Cooper Clubman S.

As we see it

Once you've received your loan approval, if the dealer gives you a choice of models, you're better off picking the one with a better record of reliability. Choosing a model with poor reliability means you might be spending more money on repairs and more time in the dealership's service department.

In addition, you might want to consider a service contract if your vehicle won't be covered by a new car warranty for the entire loan term.

Finally, you should know that Auto Credit Express specializes in placing applicants who have bad car credit with dealers that can give them their best chance at getting approved for bad credit auto loans.

So if you're ready to take that first step in improving your auto credit, you can begin now by filling out our online auto loans application.