Even consumers with problem credit may be able to take advantage of some of the Fourth of July new car deals researched by NADAguides.com.

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NADA Lists Best Fourth of July New Car Deals

Here at Auto Credit Express, we understand by now that the majority of car buyers with iffy credit end up financing a used car. But at the same time, we also believe that, given the right incentives, there are a number of a number of new vehicles can be nearly as affordable as many used cars.

Fortunately for us, the good folks at NADAguides.com have done most of the leg work and have come up with a list of the five vehicles they believe represent the best deals for this Fourth of July holiday.

Best Fourth of July Holiday Deals

We've taken that list and paired it down to three. The reason we did this? Although the Acura RLX gets a hefty $6,750 in dealer cash, the entry-level model has an MSRP of $49,345 – putting it well beyond the means of most credit-challenged buyers. The same reasoning holds true for the Toyota Prius Plug-in - a vehicle that, despite its green credentials and a $4,000 consumer rebate, has a base price, including delivery and handling, of nearly $31,000. Well outside what someone looking for bad credit auto financing would be looking for.

"Manufacturers heavily promote new car deals before holidays in part because consumers have more time to dedicate to shopping," said Mike Stanton, Vice President and COO of NADA Used Car Guide, "Promotions around the Fourth of July holiday are especially generous because manufacturers are not only competing with summer vacation plans, they're also managing current model year inventory levels in preparation for the arrival of newer models in the fall."

So here's the sliced and diced list from NADA:

1. 2014 Ram 1500($2,500 consumer rebate, $4,000 bonus cash, $1,500 dealer cash, Potential savings: $7,500)

The Ram 1500 regular cab has a starting MSRP of $25,805, putting it at the upper end for most shoppers with credit issues. Nonetheless, the $7,500 potential savings (not all buyers will qualify for the entire amount) make it a much more affordable hauler. Especially if you work in a trade and need a pickup to pay the bills.

2. 2014 Toyota Camry ($3,000 consumer rebate, $3,000 dealer cash, Potential savings: $6,000)

The best-selling sedan in America has a starting price of $23,235 for the L model. Subtract $6,000 in potential savings (not all buyers will qualify for the entire amount) and you're left with one of the best deals around this Fourth of July.

3. 2014 Ford F-150 ($4,250 consumer rebate, Potential savings: $4,250)

With an MSRP of $25,930 for an entry-level XL regular cab, the half ton from Ford won't fit into the budgets of too many consumers with bad credit. But the generous $4,250 customer rebate (not all buyers may qualify for the entire amount) goes a long way to making the F-150 more affordable for those who would otherwise visit a used bad credit car dealer.

The Bottom Line

Even with credit scores that fall into the subprime range, a number of these car buyers may still qualify for the consumer rebates, bonus cash and, usually, dealer cash offered on these vehicles – savings that will help lower the monthly payment and overall finance costs of a subprime auto loan.

One more tip: at Auto Credit Express we help buyers with credit problems locate those dealers who can offer them their best chances for car loan approvals. So if you're ready to take that first step, you can begin now by filling out our online auto loan application form.