If you're looking for some good vibes, the Credit Karma web site provides users with a free credit score.

Know your credit score

Here at Auto Credit Express, we've written about the availability of free credit reports. But while the credit reporting agencies are required by law to furnish you with one free credit report per year (plus additional reports if you are turned down for credit or to see if a mistake has been corrected), they don't furnish you with your credit score. For that privilege, you have to pay them anywhere from $25-$35 each time (per provider).

Navigate the Financial Crisis with Good Karma

Instant Karma

But for the low, low price of free (as in zero, zilch, nada) the web site www.CreditKarma will furnish you with a credit score from one of the major credit reporting agencies. Not only that, but you can go back to the web site as often as you like to re-check it.

What's the catch?

Everyone knows that there's no free lunch. This is true. But right now, the only catch to CreditKarma is that you have to endure marketing offers from various companies based on your credit score in order to view the results. You also, of course, have to furnish the site with your personal information, including a Social Security number. Still, it's not a bad deal.

According to the site, this is the philosophy behind Credit Karma:

“The principle of Karma is common to many beliefs. The general idea is that any action a person takes either positive or negative, will have an inevitable equal effect in the future. Your credit score is kind of an expression of this concept; an index of your credit history: your credit karma.”

The Bottom Line

As far as we're concerned at Auto Credit Express, any time you can help to re-establish your credit with additional knowledge – for free, no less - it's a bargain. As long as you feel that sharing your information with this site (it's BBB accredited, TRUSTe certified and McAfee secure) is OK, it would be well worth your while to check it out.

The web site address, again, is: www.creditkarma.com