Auto employees looking for a bad credit car can sometimes use their company discount for horrible credit auto loans

How it works

In our retail stores we sometimes get asked if a supplier or employee discount can be used for bad credit auto loans.

We've come across this issue many times after twenty years of doing bad credit car sales in southeast Michigan here at Auto Credit Express.

To help explain the problem credit auto loan process we even created a web site so bad credit applicants can learn about such things as tote the note dealers and repossession as well as today's topic, auto employee new car discounts.

Auto employee new car discounts

With the high cost of new vehicles, most credit-challenged buyers pick a low-mileage used car. But, there are some individuals who might find that financing a new car can be nearly as affordable.

If you are a Chrysler employee, retiree or a friend of an employee or retiree or work for a supplier company (Employee Advantage employee purchase, friends program, affiliate company program), a Ford employee, retiree or a friend of a Ford employee or retiree (A-plan, S-plan or X-plan) or a GM employee, retiree or preferred supplier or a friend of a preferred supplier (GMO, GMS), you can use one of these discounts to reduce the purchase price of an eligible new vehicle.

Usually, you can also deduct any new car incentives from the discounted price for even more savings.

But just because you qualify for one of these plans doesn't mean you can use it for no credit auto loans.

Issues with auto employee discounts

Even if you are eligible for one of these discount programs, bad credit auto loans are not the same as traditional car loans. That's because once these lenders determine your budget and interest rate, it's up to the dealership to show you the vehicles that fit their requirements.

The finance manager has to determine whether a new car eligible for an employee discount meets the guidelines of your loan. The fact is, in some cases it will and in some cases it won't.

The other issue that you'll have is that not all new car dealers offer no credit auto loans.

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At Auto Credit Express, if you have car credit difficulties we help you find a dealer for your best chance at an approval for a bad credit car.

So if you're serious about getting your auto credit back on track, you can begin the process immediately by filling out our online car loans bad credit application.