New fuel economy labels will help all buyers and especially those financing with a problem credit auto loan

News from the EPA

Credit-challenged buyers will soon be able to more easily compare the relative fuel efficiency of a car they plan on financing with no credit auto loans.

At least that is our take here at Auto Credit Express on the next generation of fuel economy labels recently unveiled by the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Transportation.

We think bad credit individuals should know about this because we've been working in bad credit car sales for more than twenty years. During that time, we've helped hundreds of buyers get approved auto loans.

We also can show them how to avoid a tote the note dealer (shoppers outside our retail areas can fill out our online auto loans application to find the right dealer near them) and educate them about the loan process (to prevent repossession).

Saving on a new car

Although most poor credit customers will pick an affordable used car, another option is an entry-level new car. The recent news about the new environmental and fuel economy labels that will take effect with the 2013 model year should help finding the most fuel-efficient new bad credit car even easier.

These new labels, the biggest change in 30 years, will give consumers better and more complete information when considering new cars that will be covered by the government's new increased fuel economy standards.

Our new fuel economy and environmental labels are a win for automobile consumers and for the nation's energy independence,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. “These labels will provide consumers with up front information about a vehicle's fuel costs and savings so that they can make informed decisions when purchasing a new car.

The importance to bad credit buyers

With more information at their fingertips, credit-challenged buyers will more easily be able to choose the most fuel-efficient vehicle – something that is especially important when dealing with the higher costs of a bad credit auto loan.

According to the EPA and DOT, “The new labels announced today will help consumers take advantage of the new, more energy efficient fleet, allowing them to save money at the pump.  Consumers will see the new labels in showrooms early next year, when 2013 models begin arriving.  Automakers may also voluntarily adopt the new labels earlier for model year 2012 vehicles.”

How we can help

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