The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) recently released the 2016 Hot Wheels report, their annual list of America's 10 most stolen vehicles.

NICB 2016 Hot Wheels Report

The NICB, using data submitted by law enforcement agencies to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), is able to identify the cars that are stolen the most often. In 2016, the most stolen vehicles in America were:

vehicle thefts

  1. Honda Accord (2016 model pictured) - 50,427 total thefts
  2. Honda Civic - 49,547
  3. Ford Pick-Up (Full Size) - 32,721
  4. Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size) - 31,238
  5. Toyota Camry - 16,732
  6. Nissan Altima - 12,221
  7. Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size) - 12,128
  8. Toyota Corolla - 11,989
  9. Chevrolet Impala - 9,749
  10. Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee - 9,245

Two Honda models accounted for 42% of all thefts amongst the top 10 most stolen vehicles in 2016. In fact, a Honda vehicle has claimed the top spot in 19 of the 22 previous NICB Hot Wheels reports. The reason? The majority of the stolen Hondas are the older models that lack basic anti-theft technology.

It's the older, pre-"smart key" model year Hondas that greatly inflate the numbers. Since smart keys and other common anti-theft technology have been put in place, Honda thefts have fallen off. For example, the 2016 Honda Accord was just the 16th most stolen vehicle last year, while the 2016 Civic didn’t even crack the top 25.

Here are the 10 most stolen 2016 model year vehicles from the 2016 calendar year: vehicle thefts

  1. Toyota Camry (pictured) - 1,113 total thefts
  2. Nissan Altima - 1,063
  3. Toyota Corolla - 982
  4. Dodge Charger - 945
  5. Ford Fusion - 914
  6. Hyundai Sonata - 887
  7. GMC Sierra - 884
  8. Hyundai Elantra - 832
  9. Ford Pick-Up (Full Size) - 738
  10. Ford Transit - 669

You can check out the NICB's complete list of the top 25 most stolen 2016 model year cars on their website.

Vehicle Thefts and Prevention Advice

Vehicle thefts reached their all-time high in 1992. Although they are way down since, the NICB says that thefts have increased each of the past two years, while the U.S. Census Bureau reports a motor vehicle is stolen every 44 seconds on average.

The bureau also warns that July and August are the peak months for car thefts, which is why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) celebrates National Vehicle Theft Protection Month in July.

Drivers need to do what they can to try to prevent their cars from being stolen. We offer these tips to help you out.

  • Never leave your car unlocked, your keys inside, and/or your car running whenever you make a stop. The DMV and NHTSA report that almost half of all thefts occur when drivers fail to take these simple precautions.
  • Always roll up the windows all the way and don't leave items in plain sight. Try to avoid carrying valuables in your car at all times too.
  • Try to park in as safe and well-lit of an area that you can. Parking in a garage or lot with attendants can also provide peace of mind. Remember to use your emergency brake when parking as well.
  • Don't keep your car's title in the vehicle. Some recommend that you also don't keep your registration in the glove compartment either. Although, this strategy requires remembering to bring it in your wallet or purse on every trip.
  • Don't keep a second set of keys inside the vehicle.
  • The NICB recommends getting VIN etching on the windshield, or installing other theft prevention devices. These include warning devices like alarms, immobilizing devices like ignition locks or kill switches, and/or GPS tracking devices to help authorities recover stolen cars.

The Bottom Line

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