Let's face it, sometimes drivers get behind the wheel when they have no business being there. Sadly, it is common for sleepy and drunk drivers to get into the vehicle behind the steering wheel and put many other drivers at risk. Sometimes, we are simply just distracted by other electronics in the car. Or worse yet, have a stroke or heart attack. Needless to say, humans can be inferior drivers. At Auto Credit Express your safety matters to us. That's why we are happy to see that soon, your car can monitor your health stats and know if there is a possibility of any emergency.

Invasion of Privacy or a Life Saver?

Some have been wary of the amount of technology involved in the latest model and future vehicles. However, when you consider that some of this technology could possibly predict the onset of health conditions such as a heart attack, it's hard to see it as an invasion anymore. Some other sensors that are being researched include:

  • Eyes and head direction monitors
    Whether you're sleepy or distracted, if your eyes aren't on the road you can cause major destruction. To help prevent that, automakers and other third parties are researching ways to monitor drivers' eyes and head and alert them if they've looked away for too long.
  • Allergen sensors
    Particularly useful to anyone with severe allergies or other breathing issues, this sensor would detect allergens that could trigger a negative reaction in the driver.
  • Alcohol sensors
    Possibly found in the steering shift, this sensor would detect alcohol content in the drivers sweat and prevent the vehicle from being put into gear.

As We See It

This future technology is expected to be in vehicles within the next couple of years. It's expected that the number of drunken driving incidents would drop incredibly. You can also expect that many lives will be saved, with drivers being alerted to anything that will prevent them from having control over themselves and thus their vehicle too. While these features may not be available just yet, there are many other features that can save the life of your and your loved ones in the event of an accident on the road. Don't gamble your life away in a car, truck or SUV that has outdated safety protocols. Complete our quick online application and you can have access to the latest vehicles that will protect you from the worse the road can throw at you today.