Today, the most common password people are using is 'password.' With this ordinary term, it makes it easier for hackers to gain access to what could be, personal information. With identity theft being easier due to technology advances, it's important to create strong passwords.

The Qualities of a Strong Password

Password 101

Remember that your password is going to define your safety against hackers or viruses. Normally, what gives your password strength is the length or the complexity of it. Some things you want to consider for your password are:

  • The Number of Characters

Allow your password to be strong by working with at least eight characters. Utilize uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, punctuation marks and numerals. By making your password as unique as possible, it makes it more challenging for hackers or other computer viruses to get through.

  • The Creativity

It's advised not to use any personal identification as the content of your password. Don't use your name, nicknames, or birthday. If you are trying to incorporate something simple, then try using symbols or numbers. It's okay to use some phrases or terms that only you will know, but personify it to keep it risk free.

Example: Instead of using,CrazyCatLady; try using, kr4zyK4tlayd33

  • The Difference it has from Previous Passwords

If your last password was 'summer123,' needless to say, changing your password to 'summer1234' is not going to do the trick of keeping your information secure. Keep all your new passwords as different as possible. Avoid using repeated characters that are next to each other on the keyboard.

Bottom line, your protection should be taken seriously. Cyber-criminals are constantly looking for easy ways to get in and do some damage. At Auto Credit Express, we work with people struggling with bad credit everyday, so we know how it is to keep your credit in good shape. Don't suffer bad credit just because you used an easy password. Keep continuous track of your passwords and don't forget to update them when needed