Identity theft is more common now with the advancement in technology. An easy way for someone to get away with this crime is by taking the identity of a child and using it to gain benefits for their own gain. It is difficult to detect a situation like this because you will not usually know until your child applies for credit once they reach legal age and are denied for poor credit history.

Will This Affect My Child?

Protecting From Child Identity Theft

Because criminals can get away so easily and for so long, children are usually targeted. If actions are not taken early, this could severely affect your child's ability to get employed in the future and it will affect the child's credit heavily. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, it was found that the thieves were sometimes, family members.

Warning Signals to Look for

Despite the difficulty to see if your child's identity has been tampered, keep watch for the red flags. If your child has any of these signs, request a ChildScan report and contact the major credit bureaus to report the false information immediately.

  • Your child already has a credit report
  • Your child is getting offers for credit cards or insurance
  • Your child is getting contact from federal agencies
  • You have been denied to open a bank account for your child

Stay Cautious

One of the most important things to do in order to best prevent this from happening is by protecting your child's social security number. Identity thieves are able to easily steal once they obtain the numbers they need. Remember to stay aware no matter where you go. Make sure that you keep this information as private as possible. Your information may be needed for school records, day care centers, little leagues, or even library cards. Before you give out the information, ask necessary questions to ensure the safety.

At Auto Credit Express, it is so often that unfortunate events come across our customers. We try to maintain a strong function in order to help people with poor credit history get an auto loan. Don't let your children become victims of identity theft. You can solve this issue early by paying attention to the warning signs to protect your child's future.