Many of us come to love our vehicles like another child. And for those that don't, we still try to be frugal and make the automobile engine last until its last breath. You soon become the expert on your vehicle and learn all its kinks and gimmicks and know just how to get the engine start when it wants to be difficult.

You repair what you can, and take care of the routine maintenance. However, eventually the repairs become more and more expensive. It's usually about this time we ask if we should replace our well loved car or just keep repairing it. Well to answer that question, Auto Credit Express has some information for you to consider.

How much are you paying now?

Should I repair my car or replace it?

The first thing to consider when looking to possibly replace your car is what your consider budget looks like. Figure out exactly how much you have been paying in maintenance and repairs. If it's breaking your budget, perhaps it is time to look for a newer car, truck or SUV. However you can also to see if there are other places in your budget that you can trim your spending habits. One way you can do this is by learning how to do some of the repairs and maintenance yourself instead of paying someone to do it for you. Here are a few other things to think about when considering important repairs.

  • How long will the repair add to the vehicle's life.
  • Make sure there are no outstanding recalls.
  • How much is the repair cost compared to your car's value.

You may decide that the repairs are really just out of your budget and worth more than your vehicle. So maybe it really is time to look at a newer car, truck or SUV. There's just one more hurdle - your credit.

We are here for you

Our team at Auto Credit Express knows that sometimes, you just have to replace your car. However we've dedicated ourselves to helping you and your loved ones improve your quality of life and can help you get a car even with bad credit. You deserve a second chance. Take just a few moments of your time and complete our fast online auto loan application. We'll contact you with dealers in your area that are willing and able to help you now! Apply today and be on the road to better credit and saving money!