You're looking for a good deal on a new car, and you're pretty sure that the best deals on everything happen on Black Friday. In fact, the dealerships in your area have started to advertise that "amazing deals" are happening on the day after Thanksgiving. But these deals are unlikely to be as good as the ones that will be offered at the end of December

Should I Shop for a New Car on Black Friday?

Black Friday Incentives

Like all retailers, car dealerships have Black Friday promotions, and the deals that are offered have to be at least good enough to get buyers into showrooms. So, if you do decide to purchase a new vehicle instead of standing in line for a hot deal on a TV or the latest Apple device, you're pretty much guaranteed to save some money.

However you may be able to save a lot more money (depending on what you buy)... if you wait. According to Time Magazine, you can expect an average savings of 9.5% off MSRP, but you may be able to get upwards of 23% off certain models.

Likewise you'll be able to avoid the big crowds... if you wait. Even though more and more dealerships are trying to get in on the Black Friday action, most bargain shoppers have yet to be wooed over on plunking down so much money in the heat of the moment. Hundred dollar tv's? In the cart it goes. Tens of thousands for a car? Not quite so fast.

And depending on your credit, not all that fine print may work out for you. While it's possible to lease a car with bad credit, the terms of those deals aren't exactly doorbusters.

End of Year Incentives

If you're debating buying a car on the day after Thanksgiving, consider this. You've already waited this long, can you hold off on buying a car another three weeks? Because not only are ends of the month among the best times to buy a car but the end of the year is amongst the best!

  • End of the year manufacturer incentives will only get better. Remember that a Black Friday sale is still just a sale. The end of the year brings the real deals to the world of car buying with deep price cuts and cash back rebates.
  • To meet goals for the year, dealers will offer their own incentives as January gets closer. It won't truly be crunch time for dealers until December. Take advantage of the best prices that dealerships can offer as they scramble to meet their quotas.

First Things First

Regardless of when you're planning to buy your new car, taking care of your financing first is always a smart choice. And Auto Credit Express can help you get the auto loan that you need. You don't even have to have the world's best credit. All you have to do is fill out our fast and secure application to get started today!