One place we all dread visiting is the mechanic. However, if your vehicle suddenly has major mechanical issues, you'll find yourself there and likely spending way more than you ever want to. Unfortunately, too often drivers find that ignoring a problem when it first arose was a bad choice. Here at Auto Credit Express, we want to help save you and your family from financial burdens in any way possible. So below we have a list of mistakes you may be making now and will cost you lots more money and frustration than they're worth.

Costly Mistakes

Six Car Maintenance Mistakes

  1. Ignoring Routine Maintenance Schedule.
    Just like you need regular check ups at the doctor's office, your car needs its tune-up too! Not only does it keep your vehicle's value, your mechanic may find warning signs before you break down on the side of the highway.
  2. Not Checking and Changing Oil and Filter.
    Whether you do it yourself or have a mechanic do it, changing your oil and filters is very important preventive maintenance. Plus today it's fairly cheap considering the alternative. Neglecting your oil and filters could ruin your entire engine, which could cost $4000 or more.
  3. Neglecting Your Tires.
    Fortunately, many newer model vehicles are able to monitor and alert drivers to any issues to their tires. However it never hurts to take a quick glance at your tires. Don't drive on bald tires and have them properly inflated and rotated. Your tires could make the difference between a major wreck on the road and getting to your destination safely.
  4. Never Replacing Wiper Blades
    It's much easier to avoid an accident when you can see the road in front of you, so replace those wiper blades! They're certainly cheaper than replacing your vehicle. Experts in the car industry recommend replacing your blades every 6 months, but if they look ready to go then change them.
  5. Ignoring Your Warning Light
    If your car is saying something is wrong, then more than likely something is wrong! Don't put off getting it checked, as that can end up costing you more in the long run. And with today's computerized vehicles, pinpointing the problem is cheap and quick. Don't let a small issues become a monster of frustration.
  6. Not Using Your Garage
    Your car, truck or SUV is likely an important investment to you. So instead of using your garage to store cardboard boxes and broken sports equipment, use it to store and protect your vehicle. If you don't have a garage or an area for a shelter, invest in a cover for your vehicle. It will take a vandal more time to uncover your car before they can scratch or break in and Mother Nature will have a harder time blowing garbage onto it's surface that can cause damage.
  7. As We See It

    Preventing costs before they happen is the best way to keep from making surprise visits to the mechanic. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents and damage simply happen despite the best preparation and we have to deal with the consequences. If you find yourself in need of a new vehicle, don't let your bad credit hold you back. At Auto Credit Express we work with the best dealers in the US and Canada that can help you find the car, truck or SUV that you need. Use our online application now to get started on your auto financing even if you have poor credit. We'll have a reputable dealer in your local area that is ready and willing to help you out in your time of need. Apply today and drive tomorrow!