Halloween is filled with spooky surprises; don't let your child's safety be one of them. Keep your trick-or-treater safe with these tips.
Spooky Halloween Facts that Could Help Your Trick-or-Treater Stay Safe

Halloween is supposed to be a fun night where kids dress up as their favorite super hero, Disney princess, movie star, or whatever else their minds think of. They get to run through the neighborhoods with their friends, get and eat tons of candy, and look at all the cool decorations. So, what's the spooky part? Kids are twice as likely to be killed by a car on Halloween night as any other day of the year.

If you're out driving your vampire clan around on Halloween night, or you're running from the zombie apocalypse that showed up on your front porch, you need to be aware of your surroundings. Remember, there are little ghosts, goblins, and headless horsemen that could pop out of the fog at any given moment. Following safe driving tips for every-day driving may not be enough on Halloween night. You should slow down, turn your headlights on, and be on the look-out!

Keep Your Little Pumpkin Safe

If you aren't going to be driving through the streets looking for the house giving away the biggest candy bar, or the one that has the spookiest decorations, then you should do everything you can to keep your little pumpkin safe. Do these little tricks before leaving the pumpkin patch:

  • Use reflective tape - Applying a bit of reflective tape to the front and back of your child's costume will help drivers see them running around at night.
  • Carry a flashlight - It starts getting dark earlier and Halloween lights or small jack-o-lanterns aren't enough to light your path. Let your kids carry around a flashlight (with fresh batteries) while they are out trick-or-treating so they can see, and be seen, easier.
  • Good fitting costumes - Your child's costume should not be too long where they can trip on it and fall into the street. If their costume requires a mask, make sure they can see where they are walking clearly so they don't step out into traffic.
  • Adult chaperones - If your youngster is heading out to fill their pillowcase with candy, go with them. Halloween is a busy time, and little ones can easily get lost in the crowd. If you have an older child going out in group, be sure to get the route they will be taking, and set a time for them to meet back at the house.
  • Sidewalks - We know the fun of Halloween is to run back and forth to all the houses on the street as fast as you can, but those short cuts you take could be harmful. If you cut through yards you could trip over yard decorations, and if you run in the street you could be hit by a passing car because they didn't have time to stop.
  • Crosswalks - Though this point may seem the same as the point above, be sure to only cross the street where there is a crosswalk, and wait until it is safe. Although pedestrians have the right-of-way on the road not all drivers abide by this law, so be aware!

Follow these quick and easy tricks to stay safe while having fun dodging the witches' spells and broomsticks on Halloween night.

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